Love2read Book Review

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      My son Jack loves reading. He loves looking at the pictures and processing the story I am telling him. With books part of his bedtime routine, they have become integral to our life and to our routine.

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could get a book where the story was about a place your child had been or a family member that they loved? They would recognise the pictures staring back at them within a personalised story. Love2read create books like this, books which bring a child's life to the pages of a book.

When we were asked by Love2read to make and review a personalised photo book, I could not wait. Having reviewed a Love2read book before, I have seen first hand how much my child Jack has adored reading a story which he is part of. 

Love2Read was founded by Caroline, a mom who wanted to help her children to read. The aim of each unique book is to help your child develop a love of reading. These books are unique in the way that they are created. Instead of following a conventional story, you can create a personalised photo book based around family members, celebrations and special events.

With Father's Day approaching, I decided to create a book all about Jack's dad. Whilst I work part-time, most of my time is spent with Jack. I have been able to see his many firsts, take him on days out and watch him develop on a daily basis. My partner Wayne works full-time and provides the primary income for our family. Alongside this, he is an amazing father. So I decided to create a book about him, that we could read when Daddy was at work or that Wayne could read to Jack at bedtime.

 After browsing through my many family photos I picked my ten favourite pictures and uploaded them. You can put the pictures in any order and can even change the colours of the photo's borders. You can truly make this book look how you want it to. I included photos of Jack as a newborn meaning that Jack would begin to recognise himself as a baby. I also decided to include photos of Wayne and Jack on days out. I believe reading should spark a conversation and when interacting with toddlers, their recognition of different places is vital. Once I had uploaded the photographs, I then added in short sentences and phrases that described the images. This will help Jack associate images and words. There is also a "Can you read the words" page which helps children recognise key words from the book. In my book they were Daddy and Love. Pretty apt I think!

When our book arrived I could not wait to take a look. As always the quality of the book was excellent, it has thick pages so will be perfect for little hands. A photo collage on the cover, of Jack and his Daddy really captured Jack's attention. He has been asking me for Daddy's book pretty much every bedtime. 

Perfect for any celebration, you can buy books that are centred around a family member - grandad, grandma, uncle, mom and dad etc or around a birthday celebration, special day out or a pet. I will be purchasing the grandad and grandma books soon! 

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