My Week In Pictures #11

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I'm getting increasingly addicted to Instagram and regularly post photos of snippets of our life. If any of you have Instagram leave your links in the comments box. This weeks pictures are mainly shots of our family holiday and us enjoying the sun.

From left to right...

  • Jack adores Planes 2: Fire and Rescue. He has to fly Dusty around the room as he appears on the screen

  • Jack has overcome his fear of sand!

Making lists for holiday packing. Trying to be organised.

  •      Jack at the park.

I loved sitting on this chair on holiday reading a book a looking out at the sea.

Selfie! Mainly because i was pleased with my hair.

How do i get the dummy off him!? He only has it when he naps or is tired...

Everyday Makeup

Don't know why I thought doing a puzzle on holiday would relax me!

Having fun at Folly Park. Love the clothes he is wearing in this one.

Slide time...

Like father, like son. A lovely photo.

Exploring in the play area at Folly Farm.

Anyone else hate Ferris Wheels. I like looking at them from the ground though.

A concert in memory of a wonderful friend and music teacher.

The sun came out, so did the paddling pool

He's in a bed! We've taken the sides off his cot.

Enjoying the splashpad. The water had just gone into his eyes and he was not happy about it.


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