Friday, 26 August 2016

Kidloland App Review and Giveaway

The use of technology in a child's upbringing is something that causes great debate. Whilst some people believe that items such as the television and iPad bring no educational benefit to a child's life, others believe that with technology playing such a large part in our lives, it's use is beneficial.
Jack currently uses the iPad first thing in the morning for 30 minutes and when I'm cooking dinner. He mainly accesses the YouTube Kids App which allows him to watch his favourite show, Fireman Sam. Giving Jack the iPad for these periods often triggers my "mom guilt." I know that in moderation it's use can be beneficial but feel that he could learn more if he was to use the iPad for educational purposes.
I have been looking for an app that offers both interactive and educational content. Something that would capture Jack's attention. Kidloland does just that! When they contacted me asking me if I would be interested in reviewing their app and giving away 5 subscriptions, I snapped their hand off.
An Overview:
Kidloland is an educational app which is designed for children between the ages of 0-5. From nursery rhymes to songs and learning games, the app will grow with your child. Jack is currently two years old so this app will be great in helping him learn phonics, the alphabet and much more.

One of the first things I noticed about this app in comparison to others aimed at children was the amount of content it offers. As well as nursery rhymes and songs, it also offers games and activities that promote the learning of phonics, the alphabet, shapes, puzzles and more. We have been using this app for two weeks and there is still a lot of content that we are yet to fully utilise.
Jack has loved listening to the Nursery Rhymes. Since using this app, he has even started to sing along! With bright animations, the nursery rhymes really capture Jack's attention. Lyrics appear across the bottom so you can sing along too. He has also been learning his phonics through the phonic songs. I think this section is fabulous though I do wish that the letter Z was not americanised. Currently the Z on the Z Song is pronounced Zee which in the English Language is incorrect. Aside from that, it's one of Jack's favourite areas on the app.

A real positive for me is how Kidloland have categorised the content. You can easily find what you are looking for and with topics including fruit and vegetables, dinosaurs, animals, vehicles,  and Christmas, there is always something new for your little one to explore.

When I first looked at the app, I thought that the games and activities section would be too old for him. How wrong I was! He has quickly learnt how to play some of the games solo. He can complete many puzzles on his own with his hand/eye communication improving every time.
One of the most positive things about this app is it's offline use. Once you have downloaded the content for the app, you can use it on the go. Perfect for a long journey or a picnic in the park.
 .New Update:

In the last few weeks Kidloland has added another feature to its app. The new Stories section has bedtime stories, fables and animal stories. Once you have selected a story you then have the option of whether you want to have the story read to you or you want to read it yourself. This allows you, the parent or even the child to read along to the story.
At £29.99 for a year's subscription, I think it is truly money well spent. Jack has really enjoyed the app and continues to use it on a daily basis. When Jack uses the iPad now, I know he is accessing content that will help him learn and develop.

For your chance to win one of the 5 three month subscriptions, enter below. I hope your little one loves the app just as much as Jack does.


Monday, 22 August 2016

My Week In PIctures #14

I'm getting increasingly addicted to Instagram and regularly post photos of snippets of our life. If any of you have Instagram leave your links in the comments box. I love finding new people to follow. This weeks pictures are mainly shots of what we have done with our week.

   From left to right:

Cheering on the Brownlee Brothers in the Olympic Mens Triathlon. They only went and got Gold and Silver!

Another week, another photo of Soft Play.

Making the most of the sunshine and heading off to the Park.

Glossybox Unboxing

I'm a bit colourful after completing the Color Run.

Enjoying a lush bath! Love the frozen bath bomb.

A lovely view over the lake at the Arboretum.

Lazing on the grass.

Picnic time

Selfie Time - He couldn't get out of it, we were on a land train.

My Color Run pack.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Weekend Tot Style - What Jack Wore #1

I'm linking up to Weekend Tot Style for the very first time. I love putting together an outfit for Jack and have to say I much prefer shopping for him than for me. My favourite places to shop for Jack are Zara, Next and H&M. The supermarkets are also great for clothes. 

I'm making the most of the good weather and have been putting Jack in bright eye-catching outfits. I picked up these Zara dungarees and t-shirt as a set from Zara. The dungarees have the word 'sunshine written on them and the t-shirt has an ice cream van on it. The ice cream van was actually what caught my eye. Jack adores ice cream!

The Peppa Pig hat has a wide rim all around it and offers great protection.

Where do you shop for your toddler? 

This Mama Life

This Mum's Life

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Glossybox | August 2016 Review

I have just received my August Glossybox and thought I'd share the contents with you. Glossybox turned five years old this month and to celebrate have released a collector's edition design in collaboration with luxe accessory label Rae Feather.

The first thing I saw in my box was the MUA Eyeshadow Palette (worth £4.00.) We were given the chance to choose from four of MUA's bestsellers. I received the Starry Night Palette which consists of 12 highly pigmented colours. I missed the cut off for picking the palette so I had one chosen for me. I usually opt for golden toned palettes so this palette was completely different to something I would usually choose. However, I did really like this palette and enjoyed trying some of the different colours. My favourites were Pyxis and Apus.

I have been looking at buying a Facial Cleansing Brush for a while, so was really happy when I found one in this month's Glossybox. The Deep Pore Facial Cleansing Brush (worth £6.99) is lovely. The soft bristles help brush away any dead skin cells and have left my skin looking and feeling great. I use it with my normal cleanser.

Next up is the Mudmasky Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask. (worth £53 for the full size) I recieved a 20ml sized tube in my Glossybox and love it. It's a PH balanced facial treatment which is pore refining, hydrating,anti aging, brightening and soothing. It left my skin feeling great. Definitely one to repurchase.

A Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion (worth £20 in it's full size) was included in this months box. It contains a blend of Lemongrass, Ginger and Rosemary to create a body lotion that has a really memorable scent. It also contains Shea and Cocoa Butters which have left my skin feeling super soft. I do like this item but for me Soap and Glory lotions are my favourites so I'm not sure I will repurchase this.

Finally in the box was a Rae Feather Mini Monogram Pochette (worth £20) To be honest I'm not really sure what I'm going to use this for. Instead of coming as one of the five products, I wish this had been included as an additional item. I was a bit disappointed with this if I'm honest.

What did you think of this month's Glossybox. Do you have a subscription box.? I'd love some more subscription box ideas.

What did you think of this months box? Leave me a comment below x


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

iBed Tablet Lap Desk Review

Anybody that knows me will know how much I love my iPad. I use it constantly. Whether it be for blogging, reading books or watching YouTube, it is something that I use daily. recently asked me if I would like to choose an item to review and inevitably after having a look at their website, I decided on something iPad related. sell unique and personalised gifts. From housewarmings to hen parties and even for no reason at all, they sell items for all occassions. I love the unsual and enjoy stumbling across items that I have never seen before and this company have plenty of those.

The iBed Tablet Lap Desk caught my eye immediately. Available in two colours, (red or blue) I opted for the blue version and awaited my delivery.

Upon it arriving, I knew immediately that I would be using it a lot. You simply slot your iPad into the holder and then use the lap desk for a drink, food, notepads or whatever takes your fancy. I found the Lap Desk to be very durable. The underneath is made of a soft material that is comfortable on your lap with the holder itself providing good stable support for the iPad.

 I'm a fairly early riser and tend to do some blogging whilst still in bed. This tablet holder has been perfect for this as it has enabled me to have breakfast whilst blogging. Having your hands free certainly makes life easier! Whilst the tablet is great on your lap and in and around the house, I have found it particularly useful when travelling. I get the train regularly to work and use this desk to support my tablet on longer train journeys. 

I would definitely recommend me this product to any other iPad fanatics!

*DISCLOSURE - I was sent this item in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Monday, 15 August 2016

My Week In Pictures #13

I'm getting increasingly addicted to Instagram and regularly post photos of snippets of our life. If any of you have Instagram leave your links in the comments box. I love finding new people to follow. This weeks pictures are mainly shots of what we have done with our week.

   From left to right:

Hide and Seek is Jack's current favourite game. Doesn't he blend into the door well!

Look it's Fireman Jack!

My little one has no fear... Here he was before he literally jumped onto the bouncy castle slide.

I said I wanted a cup of tea. This wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Another day, another picture of Jack in a sand pit.

Jack enjoyed his afternoon at the Fire Station Open Day.

Jack loved seeing the Guinea Pigs and spending time with Aunt Faye.

Well he wouldn't nap but who cares when he looks this cute!

Sticker time... Can you tell he loves Fireman Sam?


Monday, 8 August 2016

My Week In Pictures #12

I'm getting increasingly addicted to Instagram and regularly post photos of snippets of our life. If any of you have Instagram leave your links in the comments box. This weeks pictures are mainly shots of our family holiday and us enjoying the sun.

   From left to right:

I've brought a new weekly planner, diary and to do list in the hope it gets me and this blog organised.

I adore Zara. I need to do a huge toddler shop there soon.

I took Jack to a new park this weekend. Look at it! There's a pirate ship and sand - Jack loved it.

Driving the ship..

He may have taken over his cousins guitar.

He would not take this Fireman Sam hat off. He wanted to wear it to bed,

Another Glossybox shot.

I love this Father/Son picture. My two favourite boys.

From left to right...

Off to work I go...

I think Wayne loved the slide just as much as Jack did.

I love my new Happy Jackson notebook.

Look what I picked up - still reading it!

I hit 100 youtube subscribers this week.

Aww, just look at these two.


Friday, 5 August 2016

July Favourites

I cannot remember the last time I did a monthly favourites post so thought I'd start them up again. These are some of the things I have been loving in the month of July.

The skincare item I have loved using.... Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion

I'm a huge Soap and Glory fan and always buy a lot of their products in the gift boxes from Boots during the Christmas period. This tends to last me the majority of the year. One of the latest items I have tried is the Soap and Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion. First off, I absolutely love the smell of this product. It smells quite fruity and contains Shea Butter, Orange Waterjuice, Fig Pulp Extract and Almond, Mango and Moringa Oils. I apply it to damp skin whenever I have a bath or a shower and it works wonders on my dry skin.

The Lush Bath Bomb I have loved using... Modfather Bubble Bar

It is August and I still have quite a lot of  Lush products from their Christmas 2015 range. That being said, this month I have loved one of my newer purchases from Lush. This was the Modfather Bubble Bar. Part of Lush's very first Father's Day Range, the Modfather Bubble Bar smells amazing. I love a fruity, sweet scent and this bubble bar smells of exactly that. Containing Orange Oil, it turns the water a bright blue.

The TV I have loved watching... Love Island

I absolutely love reality TV. After a day of rushing around after a toddler, I have loved nothing more than tuning in to Love Island. I have loved following the drama and couples on this programme and whilst I really liked Nathan and Cara, I must admit I did want Alex and Olivia to win. Absolutely gutted that it is now off our screens until next Summer.

The Treat I have Loved Having... Tassimo Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows

I absolutely love hot chocolate from Starbucks and Costa Coffee. However, the price of these when having them regularly soon adds up. Instead of constantly buying these, I purchased a Tassimo machine just after Christmas. I love it! My favourite treat this month is a Tassimo Hot Chocolate. I like to add a handful of Marshmallows and then Dairy Cream. 

The Item I have started loving again... Kindle

I love reading and used my kindle all the time during the first few months of Jacks life. At this age, he was taking a lot of naps and therefore I had lots of time to read. In recent months, I have found it really hard to fit in reading in the last few months. Jack is no longer constantly napping and when he does, it isn't for very long. I have however started to read before bed and love nothing more than picking up my kindle, downloading a book and reading a chapter.

The Youtuber I have loved watching... 

I much prefer watching YouTube to normal television. A YouTuber that I have loved watching this month is Jule Furness. I find her so relatable and down to earth and love watching any video she produces. Check her out!

What were your favourites in July? Let me know so I can give some of them a try.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Sides Are Off His Cot - Transitioning To A Bed

Before anyone thinks that this post is going to be some sort of advice column for those transitioning their toddlers from a cot to a bed - it's not! Mainly because I completely winged it. I may make a video about it in the future but at the risk of jinxing my luck, (we are only a week into this) you can just read my ramblings.

Jack is now 2 years and 4 months old and to be honest we have been in absolutely no rush to take the sides off his cot. This was until just over a week ago when we found him at 3am sitting astride his cot bars shouting that he was 'stuck.' If there was a moment to capture a picture I would have but I was more concerned about rescuing him before the inevitable fall that would have followed.

Whilst we were in no rush to transition him, we knew as soon as he started trying to escape from the cot that the time had come. We already had a bed guard so after 2 hours of disagreements regarding the construction of it, the time had come. Jack was finally going to sleep in a toddler bed.

This was a moment that I had been dreading. Jack has never been a good sleeper and until recently he was rocked to sleep. Not so bad when he was a newborn but now at 24lbs, it was not as easy or comfortable. The only thing that had been guaranteed when he was younger was that he was not going to escape from the cot. He has never liked going to bed so I honestly thought that an available entry and exit route would make bedtime a nightmare.

How wrong I was?!

I can honestly say the transition has gone brilliantly. He loves his 'big boy' bed and with the introduction of new bedding at the same time as the transition, he finally likes getting into bed. To my surprise he has not tried to get out of the bed once. He is happy for me to read him a book, give him a kiss and say night night. 

If you child is transitioning, go into it with an open mind. I had been really worried about this change and couldn't be more surprised at how well Jack has adjusted to it. Now to tackling the 5am wake up calls... something the transition hasn't sorted!

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