iBed Tablet Lap Desk Review

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Anybody that knows me will know how much I love my iPad. I use it constantly. Whether it be for blogging, reading books or watching YouTube, it is something that I use daily. Gifts.co.uk recently asked me if I would like to choose an item to review and inevitably after having a look at their website, I decided on something iPad related.

Gifts.co.uk sell unique and personalised gifts. From housewarmings to hen parties and even for no reason at all, they sell items for all occassions. I love the unsual and enjoy stumbling across items that I have never seen before and this company have plenty of those.

The iBed Tablet Lap Desk caught my eye immediately. Available in two colours, (red or blue) I opted for the blue version and awaited my delivery.

Upon it arriving, I knew immediately that I would be using it a lot. You simply slot your iPad into the holder and then use the lap desk for a drink, food, notepads or whatever takes your fancy. I found the Lap Desk to be very durable. The underneath is made of a soft material that is comfortable on your lap with the holder itself providing good stable support for the iPad.

 I'm a fairly early riser and tend to do some blogging whilst still in bed. This tablet holder has been perfect for this as it has enabled me to have breakfast whilst blogging. Having your hands free certainly makes life easier! Whilst the tablet is great on your lap and in and around the house, I have found it particularly useful when travelling. I get the train regularly to work and use this desk to support my tablet on longer train journeys. 

I would definitely recommend me this product to any other iPad fanatics!

*DISCLOSURE - I was sent this item in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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