My Week In Pictures #13

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I'm getting increasingly addicted to Instagram and regularly post photos of snippets of our life. If any of you have Instagram leave your links in the comments box. I love finding new people to follow. This weeks pictures are mainly shots of what we have done with our week.

   From left to right:

Hide and Seek is Jack's current favourite game. Doesn't he blend into the door well!

Look it's Fireman Jack!

My little one has no fear... Here he was before he literally jumped onto the bouncy castle slide.

I said I wanted a cup of tea. This wasn't quite what I had in mind.

Another day, another picture of Jack in a sand pit.

Jack enjoyed his afternoon at the Fire Station Open Day.

Jack loved seeing the Guinea Pigs and spending time with Aunt Faye.

Well he wouldn't nap but who cares when he looks this cute!

Sticker time... Can you tell he loves Fireman Sam?

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