Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Sides Are Off His Cot - Transitioning To A Bed

Before anyone thinks that this post is going to be some sort of advice column for those transitioning their toddlers from a cot to a bed - it's not! Mainly because I completely winged it. I may make a video about it in the future but at the risk of jinxing my luck, (we are only a week into this) you can just read my ramblings.

Jack is now 2 years and 4 months old and to be honest we have been in absolutely no rush to take the sides off his cot. This was until just over a week ago when we found him at 3am sitting astride his cot bars shouting that he was 'stuck.' If there was a moment to capture a picture I would have but I was more concerned about rescuing him before the inevitable fall that would have followed.

Whilst we were in no rush to transition him, we knew as soon as he started trying to escape from the cot that the time had come. We already had a bed guard so after 2 hours of disagreements regarding the construction of it, the time had come. Jack was finally going to sleep in a toddler bed.

This was a moment that I had been dreading. Jack has never been a good sleeper and until recently he was rocked to sleep. Not so bad when he was a newborn but now at 24lbs, it was not as easy or comfortable. The only thing that had been guaranteed when he was younger was that he was not going to escape from the cot. He has never liked going to bed so I honestly thought that an available entry and exit route would make bedtime a nightmare.

How wrong I was?!

I can honestly say the transition has gone brilliantly. He loves his 'big boy' bed and with the introduction of new bedding at the same time as the transition, he finally likes getting into bed. To my surprise he has not tried to get out of the bed once. He is happy for me to read him a book, give him a kiss and say night night. 

If you child is transitioning, go into it with an open mind. I had been really worried about this change and couldn't be more surprised at how well Jack has adjusted to it. Now to tackling the 5am wake up calls... something the transition hasn't sorted!


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