Thursday, 13 October 2016

A Trip To The RAF Museum | Cosford

With both myself and Wayne working opposite shifts, quality family time tends to happen every Sunday. This is by far our largest chunk of time together during the week and is usually filled with outdoor activities and park trips. This one day passes by far too quickly with us often wishing that we could rewind time and enjoy it all over again. The past two weeks however, has seen a pleasant change. Both myself and Wayne were off work. With us already meeting my tolerance quota of trips to Soft Play, we thought we would venture slightly further afield to the RAF Museum in Cosford.

Jack from a young age has been fascinated with aeroplanes and helicopters. We have many toy versions scattered throughout our home often with a propeller or a wing missing. Getting to see a lot of them up close is his idea of heaven.

Aside from a small parking charge, admission to the RAF Museum in Cosford is free. Something which after visiting seems all the more amazing considering how much there is to see. We arrived at 10am just as the museum opened and headed straight in. I'll be quite honest here and say that I didn't appreciate just how many different types of aircraft exist. I very quickly realised that we hadn't just come to see a few different types of aircraft.

After walking through the visitor centre we viewed a few of the different aeroplanes that were located outside on the grass before heading into the first hanger called Test Flight.

In this hanger were many different types of aircraft. I had never really appreciated the size of aeroplanes before standing right next to one. Jack was the most excited I have ever seen him. I constantly was explaining to him that he wouldn't be able to sit inside an aircraft. I was wrong as in this hanger there was an aircraft set up which allowed you to sit in the cockpit. Also in this hanger was the Fun N Flight area and the 4D experience. Whilst we didn't go on the 4D experience, we did walk around the Fun N Flight Area. This area was perfect for children as it allowed them to become hands-on and interact with the different experiments in this area. Whilst Jack was too small to understand a lot of it, he really enjoyed trying out some of these different zones.

After enjoying this area, we headed into the other hangers which included War Planes, the National Cold War Exhibition and Hanger 1. Each hanger contained more missiles, tanks, helicopters and aircraft from different periods in time. My experience on this day out was made more special by the people working there. Upon seeing that Jack was holding his toy helicopter and realising his interest in them, they explained that the museum also housed several helicopters and proceeded to explain where each one was. If I thought Jack had been excited when seeing the different aeroplanes, this hit another level when he saw the helicopters. He had never been up close to one before and the expression on his face said it all. After popping to the shop to pick up another toy helicopter we headed to a nearby bench for a spot of lunch. Cue a toddler meltdown as Jack broke a propeller of his 5 minute old helicopter.

We spent three hours at the museum and donated to their collection as we left. I would happily have paid for this trip and think it may have been one of Jack's favourite day outs we have been on. He has already asked to go again!


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