Monday, 20 February 2017


So if you follow me on some of my social media channels, you may know that I am ever so slightly addicted to Instagram. From real life pictures of the bits your toddler gets up to, to glossy monochrome feeds. I love them all. 

Last year, I often posted a My Week In Pictures post on a weekly basis. I really enjoyed creating this post as it was lovely reflecting on my previous week and gathering all my pictures into one place. After a short blogging break, I've decided that this is something I should reinstate. I don't have a glossy Instagram feed or a high resolution camera but I do have a beautiful little family who I love photographing at every opportunity. 

Feel free to leave your Instagram handle in the comments below. Here's My Week In Pictures.

1. Bath time for my toddler. He absolutely loves these bath toys.

2. Relaxing at his aunties house. We were watching Toy Story again.

3. Getting all of his Paw Patrol toys out, obviously.

4. I love Monday's. Fresh start to the week.

5. A cup of tea and a bit of youtube = perfection

6. Just one of those days where I was beyond tired. This is what happens when you have worked a night-shift and have been awake for 28 hours!

7. For a child that hates colouring, this Paw Patrol colouring book sure was popular.

8. My new lush storage. A cake stand from Ikea.

9. Taking the boy to the park.


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