Monday, 15 May 2017


I have been incredibly lucky to experience many of Jack's firsts. From those early firsts like the first smile and first tooth to more recent firsts like him learning to ride on a scooter and jump on a trampoline, I have seen them all. Yes, being a stay at home parent can be lonely and some days I really miss adult conversation and the ability to wee in peace but I also get the absolute privilege of watching Jack grow.

Jack recently turned three. I remember the days where he could only say a few words and used to cling to furniture as he walked. Now he chatters away to me all day - the loneliness in the most part has started to wane (I still need to make some mom friends) as I get to spend the day with someone that I would put above everything else. As Jack has grown, I have too. I have grown as a mom and as a person. As a mom, you are always putting your child's needs above your own. As Jack has grown, my life has changed too and it will change again very soon when Jack starts Nursery.

 As I write this, I am a day or two away from finding out if Jack has a nursery place for September. Going from spending every waking minute with a little human to dropping them off at school for 15 hours a week is going to be tough for us both. The only difference being that he will be very vocal about it and I will be crying out of sight! If he doesn't get a place at Nursery we will need to consider other options. He is at an age where he needs more than just me. He needs social interaction and friends - i'm hopeful that Nursery will offer new experiences and will allow him to blossom.

In the meantime, I'm going to savour the summer months and spend as much time doing new and fun activities with Jack. I'm going to savour every second as time really does fly by. Before I know it Jack will be a teenager!

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