Thursday, 27 July 2017


I have a love/hate relationship with toddler television. I love the fact that it allows me to drink a warm cup of tea and go to the toilet in peace but absolutely hate pretending to be a member of Paw Patrol or Fireman Sam's firefighting team.

My house is covered in toys related to television programmes. From Fireman Sam hats and vehicles to Paw Patrol figurines, I cannot leave a room without stepping over Makka Pakka or a Transformers Rescue Bot. I'm happy for Jack to watch these programmes in moderation but pretending to drive around the Paw Patrol gang whilst also trying not to be insanely bored is not my thing. I obviously drive around the Paw Patrol gang though. I'm pretty sure that not doing that would result in a humongous toddler meltdown. The things we do for our kids. Just allow me to moan about it!

What really gets me is the rate that Jack changes his mind about what his favourite television programme is. When Jack first started watching television, he was quickly transfixed by Fireman Sam - to the point where I genuinely felt I could have take a GCSE in it (if it existed!). I can name all the characters and most of the storylines! I quickly became far too comfortable with this programme so of course Jack picked a new programme - Peppa Pig. How rude is she by the way?! 

Paw Patrol quickly followed.  His latest obsessions are Robocar Poli, Transformers: Rescue Bots and the original favourite - Fireman Sam. Just as I get confident with answering a million questions on why the Paw Patrol gang are able to drive cars or why Peppa Pig is very bossy a new programme emerges.

Children watching television is a widely discussed issue. In moderation I see no issue with it. In actual fact, I feel that some of these programmes have really helped to develop his imaginative play. Many programmes like Blaze and the Monster Machines are even educational in their own right. The problem is I'm not very good at imaginatively playing games based on these programmes. Well I do it but I'd say after the first hour my enthusiasm really declines!

What are your children's favourite programmes? Am I on my own here or do you struggle to rescue Naughty Norman for hours on end?


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