Friday, 21 July 2017


When are you having more children? Are you pregnant? Surely Jack would like a little brother/sister....

These are the kind of comments and questions that I hear on a regular basis. No problem when it's a family member but when it is mere acquaintances or the checkout lady at Morrison's, I'm not so OK with it.

Jack is three and is starting Nursery in September. It's when your child is about this age, if not earlier that lots of families begin to think about having another child. However is there any need to question me on why I'm not yet pregnant? People are naturally inquisitive but I'm not sure what response they are expecting. It could be that we are not yet ready for another child. Financial reasons, house size and career choices could be a reason. It could be problems conceiving or a whole host of other reasons. 

I do want more children and am happy to discuss it when the conversation naturally takes that direction. However some of the questions posed above have come abruptly when I'm not expecting it and I haven't been quite sure how to answer it without causing an awkward response. In truth I've been ready for children for quite some time as has Wayne. Yet after a period of trying to conceive (9 months) I actually found I was getting stressed and upset on a monthly basis. Pregnancy test after pregnancy test, negative after negative. I even had one false positive on a cheap pregnancy test that left me heartbroken when I tested again on a digital to receive a negative result. 

The stress really couldn't have been helping nor could my weight. During this period I was slowly putting on weight until one day my BMI said I was obese. I may not look it but I carry all my weight on my stomach and with my short 5'1 frame, I decided I needed to do something about it. This year has seen me strive to get fit and lose weight. I'm running a marathon in October and have joined slimming world. 

I'd love a baby and I'm sure we will soon be in a position to give it a go. Do me a favour though, until I tell you the good news, please give the questions a break. 

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