Friday, 22 September 2017

DC Super Friends Interactive Power Punch Batman Review | It's Batman Day

Like many children his age, Jack is Batman obsessed. From the very moment he first set eyes on the opening titles of the Lego Batman movie, he has become fixated on Batman, his sidekick Robin and villain The Joker. 

Today marks Batman Day. A yearly event, Batman Day is a day where fans celebrate the fictional superhero who has been appearing in comics since 1939. To coincide with this, Golden Bears Toys and DC have teamed up to release a series of soft plush toys appropriate for younger Batman fans. As huge fans of all things Superhero related we were delighted when we were asked to take a look at the DC Superfriends Interactive Power Punch Batman Soft Toy. Jack already has Batman Lego and even a Batman Cape and mask so he was very excited to find another Batman toy he could play with.

The DC Superfriends Interactive Power Punch Batman is aimed at children aged 10 months old and above. It is the perfect cuddly toy and whilst great for those nearer the 10 month old mark, it's also a fantastic toy for Batman fans of a slightly older age. There is so much more to this soft toy than meets the eye. Past its cuddly exterior, it is packed with add-ons that will capture the attention of any Batman fan. 

At 13 inches high, this interactive Batman is fully poseable with his fist making cool punching noises on impact. Alongside the noises that his fist makes, pressing Batman's chest also results in you hearing signature Batman phrases. These interactive features make for great action figure play. Jack absolutely loves how interactive the plush figure is and enjoyed seeing Batman's eyes light up when he was squeezed. Authentic in appearance this Batman plush soft toy comes complete with cape, mask and utility belt making him look just as Jack imagined he would. 

With other superheroes available in the DC Superfriends range, we will no doubt be adding to Jack's collection. He has loved playing and interacting with this plush soft toy. The only thing we have had to stop him doing is taking it to bed. He was still pressing the buttons and talking to it an hour after bed time!

*Disclaimer* - We were sent this item in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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