Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes | Review

Books are essential to a child's development. They are also a lovely way of spending time with your little one. I absolutely adore reading to Jack. I love how stories capture his imagination and transport him momentarily to another place.

 I'm always looking to add books to Jack's collection so when I was sent The Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes by children's author Bryony Supper,  I couldn't wait to share it with Jack.

 Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes is a humorous book that I found to be really unique in concept. It is the first in a series of books. The books bring together different Pasta Kidz and Petz to create a story that has it's own specially created language designed to show that differences in looks and language do not matter. Each book has a life lesson and really reiterates the importance of good morals and manners.

The first book in the series is Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes. It centres on two Pasta Kidz in particular - Sarah Spaghetti and Marc Macaroni. With the help of the inventing tubes they strive to invent fun new objects creating a very grumpy pastaball in the process.

Both myself and Jack really enjoyed this book. Perfect for children between the ages of 4-7, it really took on a fantasy element. The story was very original and whilst the language used by the Pasta Kidz may take some time to get used to, it really caught Jack's attention and in turn made the book stand out. Helpfully there is a page in the book that explains the meaning of each specially designed word. The book has some lovely illustrations throughout. Bright and colourful, they really capture the eye and make the story come to life.

The book like many others aimed at this age group comes in paperback form. I would love the option to buy it in hardback as I find paperback books difficult to keep pristine with little hands at them all the time. A really lovely book, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Pasta Kidz: The Inventing Tubes is available from amazon for £4.99. With plans to release more books, I cannot wait to see what the Pasta Kidz get up to next. 


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