Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Since becoming a parent, Christmas has become my favourite time of year.  For me, Christmas feels really magical this year in particular as this is the first year that Jack really understands what Christmas is. Now aged 3, he is super excited about putting the Christmas tree (we may have already done it!) and seeing Santa. I'm really trying to implement some Christmas Traditions that we will do year upon year. Things that Jack can come to expect and be excited about.

Putting The Christmas Tree Up 

For me putting the Christmas Tree up signals the start of the festive period. For the previous three Christmases Jack has been too small to help put up the Christmas Tree. We put up our tree on the 26th November and Jack was very excited to help us. It was lovely to see the excitement on his face as he placed the baubles on the tree. For Jack, the Christmas tree was missing two things in particular. A star that could be placed on the top of the tree and a bell bauble. The bell has quite a significance for Jack as he already is listening out for the bells on Santa's sleigh. After a quick dash to the Range we brought a star and bell for the tree which Jack duly placed on it. 

Advent Calendar  and Elf On The Shelf

An advent calendar is something that Jack already relates to Christmas. He understands that the opening of windows means that Christmas is getting nearer. Last year however we ended up with far too many calendars. When taking into account the calendars that Jack received from family members, he ended up with around five chocolate calendars last year. This year I wanted to do something a little different. Initially I thought about giving him a toy calendar but figured that for the amount this would cost I could do something a little more unique. A lovely friend of mine made me Advent Calendar Envelopes. Instead of putting treats in these I have put clues in them making this years advent a treasure hunt. Something which Jack absolutely adores. The little treat will be hidden where the clue leads to. I've decided that the 12 advent book's I gave Jack last year for advent will become part of this years treat. This also minimises the cost of the advent calendar. The remaining items are small bits that cost a maximum of £2 each. I’ve included items like books, a snow globe and pretend snow. I've combined the advent calendar with elf on the shelf and have put the envelope clues where the elf has appeared every morning. 

Christmas Eve Box

For the last few years I have made Jack a Christmas Eve Box. I haven't created this years box yet but invariably it includes some new Pyjamas, a Christmas DVD, some sweets, a Christmas Plate, Cup and a Santa Plate. Some of these items are things that I am able to keep back year upon year and only bring out for the Christmas Eve Box whilst others I will need to buy. I also tend to include a Sticker Book and some sort of activity to do on the day. This just keeps Jack busy whilst I'm able to make sure everything is ready for Christmas Day.

Mince Pie, A Carrot and A Glass Of Milk

As a child I remember always leaving Santa some snacks at Christmas. I used to wake up on Christmas Morning and go downstairs with dad to see if the snacks had been eaten. The snacks being eaten signified that Santa had been and that it was now time for presents. With Santa's Snack Plate being included in the Christmas Eve Box we tend to always lay out his snacks just before Jack's bedtime. We leave them on the bottom step of our stairs so that they are the first thing that Jack comes across on Christmas morning.

Does your family have any Christmas Traditions? I'd love to hear what they are. Leave me a comment below and let me know. It may give me inspiration! 


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