Wednesday, 5 September 2018


Today marks the start of a new era in Jack's life and ours as parents. Today Jack starts Reception. After a year in Nursery, he is making the transition to full-time school. He flourished at Nursery and I'm in no doubt that he is ready to learn, play and make friends at his new school. He didn't get into the Reception attached to his Nursery School and today will be getting used to entirely new surroundings with no-one he knows around.

As he put his school uniform on this morning, I could see the excitement etched all over his face. He wanted me to take photos of him holding his P.E kit, book bag and lunch box. He wanted to show everyone how grown up he looked. He is quite small for his age so his uniform looks on the big side making him look far too small to be going to school all day. However full-time school is the stage we have hit and a new era has quickly descended on us. Those pre-school years have gone in the blink of an eye and today we are all adjusting to a new normal - the school years.

  After a variety of school photos and a quick trip to both sets of grandparents to show them his uniform he was ready to go. As we got to the school gates, he asked me to promise that I would fetch him when school finished and then insisted that we did our regular goodbye ritual of a high-five and fist bump followed by a hug and a kiss. Parents looked equally worried as their children on the drop-off but all of us were trying to hold it together to the kids were out of sight. Thankfully Jack walked in with a wave and no tears so I managed to escape having a child crying and attached to my leg. I dealt with that at Nursery last year and thankfully Jack now seems quite happy to go to school. 
My life has significantly altered today. I have worked part-time nights since Jack was born. This has meant that for the first four years of Jack's life I have been at home with him. We have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with each other. Only in the last year did that alter slightly as Jack did half-days at Nursery. Now between 9:00am and 3:15pm, I am on my own. Something I'm just not used to. So far, all I have been thinking about is him. I've wondered what he is doing now, whether he is making friends and if he is happy. I'll find out at 3:15pm I'm sure. Turns out, I think Jack is far more ready for this change than me.


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