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After my 17 week pregnancy update, I had every intention of updating regularly. Unfortunately anxiety in and around the 20 week period of this pregnancy led to me just not wanting to update until I’d had my 20 week anomaly scan. Thankfully after a second scan all looks brilliant with baby number two!


I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant.


Baby is now 28.9cms (11.4in) long from head to heel and weighs the same as a large mango. Baby is becoming sensitive to sounds. Apparently over the last few weeks sounds have become much clearer. If I sing or talk to my bump - apparently she might hear. Baby is moving around now and I’ve felt and seen quite a lot of movement too. Jack in particular has loved watching my tummy move as the baby does. 


I'm feeling so much better. I’ve felt anxious for the last two and a half weeks. When we had the 20 week scan they couldn’t see quite a few of the babies organs due to her position. I wasn’t too worried about the sonographer not being able to view the heart as baby was breech and was lying awkwardly. My concern was with her brain. At the first scan they were unable to see her Cavum Septum Pellucium. This is an important part of the babies brain. The 10 day wait for the second scan was particularly difficult for me. Thankfully everything was fine. The second sonographer couldn’t understand why the Cavum Septum Pellucium was not seen the first time. She did feel confident that it was there but sought a second opinion to confirm. The immense relief I felt upon hearing that all was ok was immeasurable. I had held off buying any items for the baby but am finally looking forward to doing some shopping. We also found out the gender of the little one and am delighted to be having a little girl.

Physically I’m feeling much better than previous weeks. I have more energy and am really enjoying feeling the baby kick and move. My sleep however is becoming more disrupted. I just cannot get comfortable. I’m going to see if a pregnancy pillow makes any difference. Let’s hope it does!


I've had my 20 week scan (twice in fact) and also have been to the VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarean) clinic. After having a Caesarean section and post-partum haemorrhage in my first pregnancy, I really want to have a more natural birth this time. I’m going to look into hypnobirthing and have discussed my birth options with the VBAC nurse. I will need constant monitoring during labour but apparently the equipment allows for movement as I really do not want to be stuck on a bed in labour unable to move. The monitoring equipment even allows for a water birth so nothing is really out of the question.

If you are pregnant I would love to hear how you are getting along. Leave me a comment below!

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