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My 5 year old loves nothing more than constructing items. He spends hours building various structures  - you name it and my little boy could probably build it. You can imagine his delight when he opened a certain package containing Strictly Briks that arrived at our house.

We were sent a 108 piece Strictly Briks - Big Bricks set along with a base plate. We have plenty of building bricks at our house and I thought that this would be just another set to add to the pile. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that these bricks were compatible with Lego Duplo and Mega Bloks and therefore could truly be mixed into Jack's existing collection.

What are Strictly Briks?

Strictly Briks are an innovative STEM company that was founded in the USA in 2014. Strictly Briks encourages STEM-based creative play. By allowing children to use their imagination whilst creating their very own masterpiece, children are learning whilst having fun.

Our impression of the Strictly Briks Set and Baseplate

Jack has spent many hours playing with these bricks over the last week. Upon opening the Strictly Briks set I was impressed by just how many bricks were in the box. The 108 piece set provided endless opportunities for Jack to use his imagination to create anything he wished. He created car garages, houses and even attempted to build a Strictly Brik version of his little sister! The bricks came in four colours - blue, red, yellow and green. I can imagine these bright colours really capturing a child's attention. Appropriate for children aged 3+ they entertained my 5 year old son for hours. 

Aside from their compatibility with other building bricks, I was also really impressed about how they attached to the green base plate we were sent. We have never brought a base plate for Jack's building bricks before - something which in hindsight I now regret. The base plate allowed Jack a base to structure his creations upon. He could even raised it off the ground and attached building brick towers to its four corners to create a garage. 

Overall thoughts?

The Strictly Briks set and base plate are products of very good quality and look and feel durable. They are very competitively priced and would be a very popular toy with an construction mad child. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more of these for Jack in the future.

Disclaimer - We were sent these items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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