Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Birth Story!

I am finally a mom! After what feels like the longest nine months of my life, I had my baby boy on the 15th April by Caesarean Section.

7lb 3oz

I thought I’d give you an update about my birth story. I would love to hear yours too so feel free to comment on the blog.


I went into hospital at 9am on the 15th April for an elective caesarean section as my little one was lying in the breech position. After signing all my forms and putting on my lovely, attractive white stockings I was told we were ready to go. I had gone from third on the list to the first of the day.

After taking the walk to theatre, my partner left me to put on his scrubs whilst I met the theatre team and had my spinal anaesthetic administered. I am terrified of needles and this was the biggest needle I had ever seen! Quite quickly my legs began to feel warm and numb. I couldn’t even get on the bed.

My partner came and sat by my head and after checking everything was good to go they got started. Now I was totally terrified about the c-section but I actually didn’t know the operation had started. I was told that when I heard a suction noise they were then getting baby out. I thought they were still wiping my belly before starting. Next thing, the suction noise started and baby Jack emerged.

What followed was the longest 15 seconds of my life as I waited to hear a cry or a noise. He soon started to scream and what a pair of lungs. My other half got to hold my little one whilst I was stitched up. I was a mom!

The first day post operation was hard. I had a catheter in and couldn’t lift Jack in and out of the bed. I felt so bad for having to keep calling the Midwives but knew that, that was what they were there for. The next day I had my catheter removed and was moved to a side room so my other half could stay.

Unfortunately what should have been an amazing first night as a family, was one of my most terrifying experiences. I was lying in bed and felt a huge gush of blood. I screamed for my partner to call a midwife as I had haemorrhaged. Next thing I knew I was signing a consent form for a second operation and being warned that a hysterectomy was a possibility. I left for theatre with my partner crying in a side room and Jack being looked after by the midwives on the postnatal ward. I had a balloon inserted in me that would make my uterus contract and hopefully stop the bleeding. Over the next 12 hours the balloon stayed in place and was then slowly deflated.

Things started to look up from there. Aside from being a bit emotionally traumatised by the experience and panicking after every normal lochia loss, I was on the mend. I was ready to be discharged two days later.

Jack then started to have problems after going blue during a feed. He was put on oxygen for three minutes as his SAT’s had dropped. After being observed overnight we were allowed home.

Finally we have started our life as a family. That rocky start has made me realise how much I appreciate my family, my fiancée and my son. I have everything I need in the world, which for a second I really thought I was going to lose.

Looking back I have been told that my blood loss only just qualified as a secondary post-partum haemorrhage. I was very lucky but obviously at the time things always seem worse. 

On a brighter note, isn’t my little boy gorgeous? Okay, I know I’m slightly biased!!

 For my next blog, I would love your input. I realised soon enough that as a first time mom I have a lot of learning to do. I would love to know your tips for a new parent for my next blog. Comment and get in touch.

Thanks for reading!


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