Monday, 5 January 2015

Slimming World

I have been trying to lose weight for years. I have tried countless diets and exercise regimes but tend to give up at the first offering of a chocolate bar. I talk about it but never stick at it. Over the last four years I have put on over three stone. My body has enabled me to give birth to a beautiful boy and for that i will always be grateful but it is about time that I put my body first and got healthy. I'm always going to have cellulite and stretch marks but I'm determined to get into nice clothes and be able to wear a dress without worrying about how big my belly will look.

I LOVE food and have a huge appetite but I always seem to indulge in the wrong foods. Far too much chocolate and ice cream and not enough fruit and veg. Every week I weigh myself and then tell myself I will start again next week. Well I'm fed up of saying that and have joined slimming world.

I actually joined two weeks before christmas. I knew I would not stick to the diet rigidly over Christmas but aimed to maintain my weight. I need accountability and someone to challenge me through the good and bad times.

Weightloss So Far...
Week One - 4lbs
Week Two (Christmas Week) -1/2lb

Every week I will be posting the result of my weigh in, along with recipe try outs, meal ideas and exercise updates. See you at weigh-in!


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