Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Daily Life and A Trip To London

I have finally uploaded my very first YouTube video. Watching YouTube has become a slight addiction for me, I love nothing more than flicking through my subscribers and watching a few videos. Mummy Vloggers provide my go-to videos. When I'm having a tough parenting day, Jack may be cutting a tooth or having a tantrum, one of there videos reminds me that other people have had those days and felt the same. They are also brave enough to vlog about it.
I've decided I'd like to upload my own videos to YouTube. To record moments of Jacks life that we can look upon in the future remembering what a special part of our family he is.
Please take a look and for those vloggers out there, hit me with your tips. I have an awful lot to learn. I hope you enjoy my vlog, feel free to subscribe to my channel.


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