Monday, 16 November 2015

Kalenji Run Light Review

As a runner, safety is of paramount importance. Making sure you are visible to other pedestrians and runners couldn't be more important than over the winter months. Lots of my runs take place on unlit roads or roads where the visibility is poor. Add uneven surfaces to the mix and you have an accident waiting to happen. All it takes is one fall or one wrong decision for disaster to strike.

In an effort to improve my fitness further, I have joined a running club. In the few months I have been attending, I have already learnt how to make myself safer when I'm running. I wear hi-visibility clothing and also make sure other people are aware of the routes I am taking and what time I should be back. One suggestion from a fellow runner was to purchase a running light. This gives the runner additional lighting when running and makes them more visible to motorists. As a person who regularly runs alone, this was a great suggestion - so when I got sent a Kalenji Running Light from Decathlon, I couldn't wait to give it a try.

Sitting just below the chest, the Kalenji Running Light has three lighting modes: 90, 180 or the full 250 lumens. You can change the mode and adjust it to suit the breadth of light you need on your run. As well as the main front light beam, the Kalenji Running Light also offers 3 flashing LED lights on the back of the pack. This means that you will be seen in both directions. I found this particularly helpful as I sometimes run on country lanes with a very small footpath. The rear light gave me that extra bit of reassurance that I would be seen. With the battery life lasting between 2-5hrs (depending on the strength of the light you choose), it is perfect for longer evening runs.

When I first put the Kalenji Running Light on, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was. After adjusting the straps to find a comfortable fit, I took it out on the roads in my local area. I immediately noticed how lightweight the product was. The last thing you want to be doing when running is carrying a heavier than needed piece of equipment.

I found the light lit the path perfectly in front allowing me to have an excellent view of the pavement ahead. I have previously tried other lighting devices including most recently a running headtorch. I found this far excelled the headtorches I had previously tried. I could quite comfortably look ahead whilst running without having to look down to check my footing. The beam of light emitting from the front of the pack remained steady throughout my run.

If your looking for a runlight that is durable, lightweight and good value for money, then head over to Decathlon and take a look at the Kalenji Run Light. I've already recommended it to several running friends from my running club.

*DISCLAIMER- I was given this product free for review purposes, however this is an honest review and all opinions and words are my own.


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