Thursday, 3 December 2015

How Jack's Bedtime Routine Goes In Reality

17:00 - I give Jack dinner. He throws the plate on the floor and refuses to eat.

17:02 - I try spooning food into Jack's mouth. He clamps his mouth shut.

17:04 - Jack is saying 'No' repeatedly. I don't think he wants his dinner.

17:05 - He starts shouting 'Cake.' I say he needs to eat his dinner first. He pretends to eat.

17:06 I breathe deeply and try to explain that he is pretending to eat which doesn't count. Then I realise I am talking to a 19 month old.

17:10 He eventually starts to eat. I dare not look at him for fear of distracting him from eating. 

17:15 He has eaten some food. I do an imaginary celebration in my head.

17:20 I take him upstairs and we play. When I say play, I mean Jack tries to get me to sit on his toddler chair. I can't as it will break. He lies on the floor and screams.

17:25 The screaming has stopped. We move on quickly to puzzles. 

17:45 That went better than expected. Isn't he clever? I look at the clock and realise we are edging SLOWLY towards bedtime.

18:00 I take Jack into the bathroom. He immediately starts to try and climb into the bath. After removing him, I start running the bath.

18:05 Jack loves bathtime. He has lots of toys in the bath including boats and various cups. 

18:07 I spot a Thomas the Tank Engine. How on earth did that get there? I'm not moving it, it will just have to stay where it is.

18:10 I'm washing Jack's hair. He is screaming. This is pretty normal. He wants me to wipe his eyes.

18:15 I take Jack out of the bath. Let's just say he didn't want to get out.

18:20 I dry Jack whilst Jack is hugging me. I'm wetter than he is.

18:25 PJ's on, hair brushed now time for the toothbrush.

18:26 He has spotted the toothbrush. He wants to brush his teeth. When I say brush, I mean he wants to suck the toothbrush.

18:27 I brush his teeth first. I've made up a song about teeth. It's not very good. It can't be as Jack's screaming has recommenced.

18:30 We turn the lights down and let Jack pick a few books. He removes all the books from the bookshelf. There are now 20 books on the floor. I'll just sort that tomorrow.

18:45 I kiss Jack and tell him I love him. Wayne settles Jack in his cot. He is moaning about going to bed.

18:46 We are downstairs. I can hear noise in Jack's room.

18:47 What is that noise?

18:49 Somehow there was a car in his cot. He was sitting in the dark playing with it.

19:00 Silence. I'll enjoy this for an hour or two.

19:01 I cant . I need to do housework

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