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Dry Like Me Potty Training Starter Pack | Review and Giveaway

Potty training is a toddler milestone that as parents we all have to navigate. Some children take to potty training quickly whilst others have a more difficult time. As parents, this is a difficult period of time. Whilst our children are learning an essential skill that will stay with them forever, we are also having to learn how best to support them through this time.

As a first time mom, I have no previous experience of potty training. Aside from reading lots of different articles about the subject, I had never potty trained a child.

 How would I go about it? Would it be easy? How would I know if Jack was ready? 

These were just some of the questions that raced through my head. I needed advice, so when potty training specialists Dry Like Me got in contact and asked me to review some of their range, I couldn't wait to give their products a try. 

Dry Like Me are a company that specialise in potty training. Jude and Di, the moms who created Dry Like Me have created a range of potty training pads that turn any pants into potty training pants by adding an absorbant layer to give your little one extra confidence when learning to live without their nappy. 

The pack I was sent contained:

How to Potty Train by Judith Hough and Dianne Titterton
Potty Training Reward Chart with stickers
Early Days Potty Training Pads
Original Potty Training Pads
Nighttime Potty Training Pads

The first thing I picked up was How to Potty Train by Judith Hough and Dianne Titterton. Bright, colourful and full of information, I settled down during one of Jack's nap times to take a read. Broken down into five easy steps, the book  takes you from the preparation stage all the way through to the final stage of potty training - getting a child potty trained during the night. I have read a few different potty training books during the last few months. This one is by far my favourite. The book also includes sections that you can read with your child. These are set out in a storybook format with plenty of illustrations. When I sat with Jack and read through these sections with him, I found it really helped him become enthusiastic about potty training. He immediately wanted to look at his potty and kept telling me what it was for. I also loved the additional stickers that can be found at the back of the book. If your toddler loves stickers as much as mine does then I am sure they will be a hit.

Once I had read through the book, I felt ready to give potty training a try. Dry Like Me take a new and different approach to potty training. By adding an absorbent layer to your child's favourite pants, they help increase your child's awareness of when an accident has occurred.

 I was really pleased with how easy the training pads were to fit into Jack's pants. Soft and thin, they can be worn in a variety of ways. They can be used at the front of the pants (for wees), the back (for poos) or can be used together. I have been potty training for two weeks and have found that I find it easier to double up the potty training pads in preparation for both events. I also find this has made it less stressful for me. Jack had quite a lot of accidents during the start of the training process, I found that the training pads absorbed this well leaving the top sheet of the pad dry and preventing irritation. I was relieved by this as having gone through a phase of nappy rash previously I wanted Jack to avoid this.

As we have only recently started potty training, we have only used the Early Days Training Pads. Having compared these to the Original Training Pads you can see that they have more absorbency. Even when Jack has had an accident, they have absorbed it well. Saying that when Jack has had an accident, he has recognised that he has and has asked me to change him. In comparison the Original Training Pads seem to have less absorbency so I will use these as Jack's accidents decrease. 

I was also kindly sent the Night Time Training Pads. I have not used these yet as Nighttime potty training is the final step of the Dry Like Me potty training process and provide extra protection at night.

Two weeks in, we are very much still at the beginning of our potty trainng journey. Illness has proved a step back but I am confident that with the Dry Like Me products, we can make it through the journey. Jack loves a good reward chart so the stickers and chart have been a particularly big hit. It doesn't matter whether he has an accident, he can get stickers for just wearing his pants.

Shipping worldwide and available in leading supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrison's and Wilkinson's, Dry Like Me have become a popular choice when it comes to choosing how to potty train. To celebrate the launch of their online shop, they have kindly let me giveaway a 'Smarter Way To Potty Train' pack worth £25 to one of you. The packs contain each variety of Dry Like Me Pads, a lovely reward chart, stickers and their award winning book 'How To Potty Train.' 

To be in with a chance enter below. 

Smarter Way To Potty Train Starter Pack Worth £25

Open to UK Entries only. Terms and Conditions apply.

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