Wednesday, 11 May 2016

TOTSUP | Big Red Bus Reward Chart | Review

Jack is now two years old and has over recent months, entered a new and more challenging period of development. He is pushing boundaries and asserting his independence - something pretty typical during the toddler years. I have been trying different discipline techniques over recent weeks, none of which have made a huge impact on his behaviour. I want to clarify that he isn't naughty, he is just a typical toddler. A child who can hear biscuit packets being rustled but can't hear me when I tell him not to do something. 

I wanted to try really focusing in on those positive behaviours and start rewarding them rather than concentrating on the elements of his behaviour that were not so positive. Not long after this, I got asked if I would like to review the Big Red Bus Reward Chart from TOTSUP, A reward chart ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 6.5 years of age, I couldn't wait to try it out.

When it arrived, I was impressed. Bright and eye catching, I immediately knew that Jack would love it. He's love transport and immediately wanted the passengers to be on the bus. Simple to put together, I just had to slot the bus and the bus stop to their bases and that was it.I loved the fact that the reward chart came with reusable alphabet letters so you could personalise the bus and give it a name of you or your child's choice. We named the bus Jack's bus - self explanatory I think! There are ten magnetic passengers that are placed onto the bus stop until your child manages to move them onto the bus. The reward chart has pride of place in Jack's transport themed bedroom.

The TOTSUP Big Red Bus can be used to encourage and reward any positive behaviours you would like to see. These can range from getting dressed in the morning to potty training. Jack has been rewarded mainly for tidying his toys (a huge battle pre reward chart,) sharing, eating and playing nicely. Jack can't wait to get his next passenger and makes an effort to follow requests and get his reward.

The reward chart has really helped me as a parent focus in and praise Jack for his behaviour. All too often it is easy to focus in on the negatives and not really give focus to the fantastic behaviours that your child displays. Rewarding your child in this way has really helped the way I discipline Jack. Jack so far has had two rewards as a result of filling the bus with passengers. These rewards were an ice cream on our trip to the park and a Thomas The Tank Engine sticker book. Results can be anything and do not have to be expensive.

I would recommend this reward chart for anybody who is looking for a way of rewarding positive behaviour. I thought it was a fantastic concept with a simple approach that is easy to implement. You can also use the iOS app which means the bus can go anywhere you do. Head over to the TOTSUP website to get more information. Make sure you give them a follow on twitter too.


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