Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why I Needed To Take A Blogging Break

I have recently taken a break from blogging. I had been struggling to put a sufficient amount of time into the blog for a while and was struggling to balance blogging time alongside family/work and other commitments. Rather than putting up posts I wasn't happy with, I decided to have a bit of time out. A few weeks off to see if I missed it and if I did how I could give it the time it deserved.

The good news is that I have missed blogging and the fantastic community that goes alongside it. I've missed writing and expressing myself. Blogging was an outlet for me and gave me something to focus on in my spare time. 

Up until this point my blog has mainly been family focused. It will continue to be but with a few added genres. I'm really trying to lose weight and get fit and have recently entered a marathon *don't laugh.* I'm currently not very fit and very overweight so thought I'd share my fitness journey too. Other than that I'm going to include more posts about where we go as a family and will pretty much right about anything that takes my fancy. I want the blog to be cathartic and don't want to be afraid to write how I truly feel.


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