Thursday, 3 August 2017

July Mum and Toddler Favourites

Welcome once again to my monthly favourites! It has been a long time since I have done one of these posts so thought it would be good to get them started again.  I've shared some of the things that myself and Jack have been really enjoying this month.

The me time treat I have loved using...  Lush Products

I absolutely love Lush products. For me the ultimate treat is lighting a candle, running myself a bath, throwing in a lush product and watching the Ipad. Usually I only have time for a shower so I really savour a bath. I'm lethal when I'm on the Lush site and physically have to stop myself adding too many products to my basket.

The book I have been reading...  Happy Mum, Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher

I have been watching Giovanna Fletcher on YouTube for a while now. I love the content she creates and how relatable she is. I'm currently halfway through this book but just had to include it in my favourites for the month. This book is all about her and her husband's journey through parenthood. Lack of sleep, body confidence and other parenting realities are written about with such honesty that I'm really struggling to put this book down. 

The TV Programme I have been watching... Love Island

I have been a Love Island addict this month. Although my favourite islander (Camilla) did not win, I absolutely loved watching every second of the series. It's such dramatic and easy to watch television and really has been a great way to unwind at the end of the day. Kind of wish they did more than one series a year though!

The clothes I've Been wearing... Asos Pyjamas

I hadn't shopped at ASOS before this month. I have no idea why as I love so many of the clothes on their website. I picked up two pairs of ASOS Pyjamas this month. One with doughnuts on and one with rainbows on. They are super comfy and I have loved wearing them this month.
 The book that Jack has loved reading...  Peep Inside Space

My little boy adores anything Space related.  He really enjoys looking up into the sky every night and finding the moon and the stars. This book has plenty of interactive lift the flap sections which keeps Jack interested. We read this book every single night at the minute. It's definitely popular in our house right now! The educational content means that Jack has learnt all about the planets, astronauts and the space station.

The toy that Jack has loved playing with... Big City Emergency Centre 

Jack was a very lucky boy this month and was brought the Big City Emergency Centre by his Nan and Grandad. Jack loves anything emergency related. Police cars, fire engines, ambulances - you name it, he loves it. This car emergency centre has been used everyday since Jack received it. I brought some vehicles for this set and have found that it has really helped Jack develop his role play skills. It comes with a little microphone so Jack can re-enact emergencies and announce which vehicles he needs to help tackle them.

The crafts that Jack has loved using... Play-Doh

Playdough. IT IS DRIVING ME MAD! I keep finding pieces of it trod into the carpet whenever Jack has it out. Jack meanwhile adores it (obviously this means it has taken over our house.) Anything that gives me a break from playing with cars and fire engines is fine by me. He loves creating new things and using dough cutters to create different shapes, animals and vehicles. Mess aside, I do really enjoy doing this activity with him. It helps bring out his creative side. 

The TV that Jack has loved watching... Planes 2: Fire and Rescue

Planes 2: Fire and Rescue is a film that I feel I may be able to narrate word for word. Jack absolutely adores planes and helicopters so this film was an obvious one to introduce him to. The quality of the animation in this film is fantastic. Jack has a toy Dusty which he loves to fly around the room when this film is on.
 The place that we have loved going to... Soft Play

Jack has loved going to Soft Play this month. We brought a monthly membership to our local soft play and have been going so much. Jack is quite a climber and this gives him a much needed chance to burn off his endless energy It's one of those Soft Plays where adults can use the playframe too. 

What have you been loving this month? What does your toddler love? Leave me a comment below.


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