Tuesday, 23 October 2018


After falling pregnant very quickly with Jack, I assumed that trying for a second baby would be just as easy. How wrong I was! After a long period of trying to conceive I thought our family of three may just stay that way.  Jack had been quite vocal about wanting a sibling for around the last 6 months and whilst I knew he would love a brother/sister, we didn't really speak much about it. I didn't want to get him excited just in case it didn't happen. Each month I always thought I had symptoms. I'd buy pregnancy tests and they were always negative. That one line would always appear.

 In September I took a pregnancy test expecting the same result. I couldn't believe it when two lines appeared. Naturally one test just wasn't enough and I did several more. Yes, I was definitely pregnant. We decided to only tell our immediate family at first until we got to the first scan. We also decided not to tell Jack. This was made more difficult considering the horrendous morning sickness I have been having. I never suffered with morning sickness with Jack but the nausea I have felt for the last 12 weeks has been absolutely horrific. 

In the first trimester I think most mums are anxious. It's hard because not many people know you are pregnant and whilst I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, I was also trying not to get too excited just in case. I wanted to get to that 12 week mark as quickly and painlessly as possible. When I was 9 weeks pregnant that all changed. I woke up and realised I was bleeding. I popped to the walk-in centre and was assessed by a doctor who was concerned about the pain and cramping I was having in my stomach alongside the bleeding. They were concerned that I was either miscarrying or having an ectopic pregnancy. After rushing to the hospital and having a lot more checks, the registrar ruled out an ectopic pregnancy but wanted me to have a scan. Those moments where they were looking at baby felt like the longest moments of my life. Thankfully baby was in the right place and whilst we didn't hear a heartbeat, the doctors showed us and we could see it beating. 

That scan took place around three weeks ago. I'm now being registered at a new doctors and will have a scan in the next few weeks. I'm around 12 weeks pregnant now and we have told everyone about the pregnancy.  I'm starting to look a little bit pregnant and by the 15 week mark and my next scan it will be completely obvious. We told Jack and he was so excited. He has been talking to the baby and loves to give my tummy a hug and kiss in the mornings and before bed. 

Looking forward to becoming a family of four next year. Now to work out how to stop the back pain and morning sickness x

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