Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Finding out you are pregnant can make you feel all kinds of emotions. For me - I have felt a mixture of absolute excitement mixed with apprehension of what is to come. I have a four year old and with him, experienced quite a difficult pregnancy and birth. This has made me feel quite nervous this time around. A natural feeling for many mums I feel regardless of any previous experiences.
Those first weeks that make up Trimester 1 are for me the most nerve-wracking. I only truly start to relax once I have had a scan. With this pregnancy due to a change in doctors I am still waiting for my 12 week scan. I did have a scan at 9 weeks because of a bleed. Thankfully baby was fine.
I thought I would list some of the things that you can perhaps expect in the first trimester. We are all different so only some of these may apply to you.

Morning Sickness: Both pregnancies have been quite different for me in terms of morning sickness. With Jack I didn't have much morning sickness. I had occasional days where I didn't feel brilliant but all in all, I didn't suffer too much. This pregnancy I have had quite severe sickness. Morning, evening and even night-time I have been finding myself feeling quite nauseous and unwell. If you are suffering with morning sickness I have found eating smaller quantities has really helped me as has making sure I up my water intake.
Fatigue and Tiredness: In the first trimester your body is going through a lot of changes. With Jack I felt most fatigued during this period and this time around feel very similar. For me, I have noticed my bedtimes creeping forward. Pre-pregnancy I was going to bed at 11pm and now I am happily tucked in bed by 9pm. I have just accepted that this is what I need to do right now to help the fatigue and tiredness. People often say that this improves during the second trimester.
Nervousness: I think nerves are a thing many of us experience during the first trimester. In my first pregnancy I was nervous for a mixture of reasons. Being a first time mum I was worried about not knowing anything of what was to come. This time around those worries are less of an issue for me. I have kept my little boy alive for four years so must be doing something right. For me those first twelve weeks were difficult because I found that I was dealing with all sorts of emotions with no-one other than my other half to talk to. I also didn't want to get too excited until I could see the baby on the scan.
Hormones: During the last twelve weeks I will admit to being quite hormonal. I have found the smallest thing can upset me and have been often quite tearful for no reason. I think this is one for the men out there. A quick heads up and apology in advance. I also found that hormones affected my skin quite profoundly. With the amount of spots on my face, I felt like a teenager again.
How did your first trimester go? For those of you in the midst of it, I felt best during second trimester with Jack so lets hope that's the case this time around.

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