Thursday, 21 February 2019


I’m six months pregnant and nearing the end of the second trimester. I feel like my pregnancy is starting to absolutely fly by. 


I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant.


Baby is now 35.6cm (14in) long from head to heel and weighs the same as a red cabbage. Baby’s response to sounds is growing more consistent as her brain becomes more developed. She can hear much more clearly now and may even be able to pick out mine and Wayne’s voices now. This is great for bonding. Baby’s lungs are continuing to develop as the airways continue to branch out. Baby is inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid which is essential for lung development. Baby’s eyes are now beginning to open. The womb is pretty dark but they could follow a torch if it was shine on your outer stomach. 


I’ve really struggled the last few weeks in terms of general health. I’ve been pretty unwell with a bad cold and sinus infection. It’s definitely been more difficult being unwell when pregnant as there is far less I can take in terms of medication. I have been unwell for two weeks now so it’s definitely taking longer to clear too. In terms of symptoms I’ve been suffering with headaches. Headaches can be concerning at this stage in pregnancy as it can be a sign of pre-eclampsia. However it has coincided with my sinus infection so I’m suspecting it is linked to that. 

I also have started to struggle with heartburn and my back has definitely been aching more as the baby has grown in size. My sleep is generally being affected now. I’ve brought myself a pregnancy pillow as a combination of baby movement and needing the toilet is really disrupting my sleep. I can definitely feel a change since my 23 week update in terms of general fatigue.


I've had my 25 week midwife appointment last week. The midwife checked my urine, blood pressure and we also listened to babies heartbeat. My blood pressure is measuring quite high at the minute. Blood pressure over 140/90 usually requires further monitoring and a hospital visit. My first measurement was 155/77. Thankfully it came down for the next measurement. I suffered with high blood pressure in my pregnancy with Jack and both myself and my midwife feel that this pregnancy is heading a similar way. My midwife said to expect to be going to the hospital following my next appointment as by that point she thinks my blood pressure will have risen above the recommended guidelines. I have had both my flu vaccine and whooping cough vaccine now and will be seeing the midwife for my gestational diabetes check when I am 28 weeks pregnant. 

If you are pregnant I would love to hear how you are getting along. Leave me a comment below!



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