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During pregnancy the focus is often on making sure you look after your growing baby by eating well, taking folic acid and attending any antenatal appointments. You can often forget about yourself in the process and often forget about self-care. Pregnant with my second child, this couldn’t be truer. 
I actually didn’t own any pregnancy/new mum self-care items until Essentiel Vie kindly sent me samples of their range to try out. Stocked in Boots, the Essentiel Vie range is a cruelty free brand made for mums. The brand is completely natural and caters for all areas of skin care from stretch mark recovery to daily moisturisers. Essential Vie products contain no chemicals. They are cruelty free, vegan friendly and purely plant based.

Within the range is three products. These products aim to simplify a mum’s skincare routine. As a parent, I don’t have time to be applying fifteen different skincare products to my skin. I need something that is quick and effective. I was sent the Multi Purpose Anti Stretch Mark Oil, the Hydrating Moisturisor and the Nipple Cream. 

The Hyrdating Moisturisor has a lovely texture and contains a blend of hydrating plant oils and extracts to nourish and rejuvenate dry tired skin. It can be used across the face or body and applies well to skin. I remember the early days as a mum to a newborn and will be using this when my second baby arrives. In those early days as a parent, I barely had time for a hot cup of tea never mind a complex skin routine so this will do the job perfectly. I tend to have dry skin during pregnancy with my skin also suffering when I am tired or unwell. 
In my first pregnancy with Jack, I didn’t use anti stretch mark oil. I just remember how angry and red my stretch marks looked as my pregnancy progressed. Now I look at my stretch marks as something that triggers a memory of an important time in my life. I grew my darling little boy for 9 months and they are a testament to that. The Essentiel Vie Anti Stretch Mark Oil is a multi-purpose oil enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamins A and E. It aims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I have been applying this twice a day as instructed and look forward to seeing if this reduces the appearance of my stretch marks. My stretch marks will never disappear nor would I want them to but I would be happy to see them look slightly less aggressive. 
The Essentiel Vies Nipple Cream is unscented and aims to keep skin soft and supple whilst providing relief for dry-chapped skin. It is entirely safe for baby meaning it can be used whilst breastfeeding. It can also be used on cradle cap and eczema prone skin so it is truely multi-purpose. I haven’t used this product much as I’m keeping it back until I have had baby number two. I’m intending to breastfeed for a few weeks and will use this then.
I have used both the Hyrdating Moisturisor and the Anti Stretch Mark Oil and thought they were good value for money and applied well. I’ve never used a plant based product before and for that reason the scent of the items took a bit of getting used to. It was lovely to know exactly what was going onto my skin though and it’s something that I’ve definitely become more aware of. 
Available online at boots and in store, these products really do simplify a mums skincare routine.
Disclaimer:  I was gifted these apps in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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