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I am 30 weeks pregnant and have made it into the last 10 weeks. I’m even starting the weekly countdown now. With my due date getting nearer and nearer, I’m starting to really get the house sorted ready for our new arrival.


I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant.


Baby is now at least 41.1 cm (16.2 inches) long from head to heel and weighs the same as a coconut. She is now weighing in at around 3.3lbs. Between now and my due date, her length won’t increase but she will still continue to put on weight. Her organs are still growing with her bladder now passing water through it. Her arms, legs and body are now also in proportion with her head. 


As I move through the third trimester, I’m now starting to feel the fatigue really ramp up. I’m still working and find being on my feet all day quite uncomfortable. As baby continues to grow, my back is definitely feeling the strain. Backache and heartburn are continuing to be an issue for me. I am also finding myself get out of breath very easily - going up the stairs leaves me gasping for breath. I also am walking a lot slower and am generally moving around at a more relaxed pace. The ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as I get off the chair have also increased. Sleep wise I’m finding it difficult to initially get comfortable and if I wake in the middle of the night, I am really struggling to settle back off to sleep. 


I’ve had my gestational diabetes results through and thankfully they were good - I don’t have diabetes. My 28 week blood results came back with my iron levels looking strong. Just goes to show that even though I’m feeling tired, my body is still getting what it needs. I saw my midwife at 29 weeks for my 28 week appointment. My blood pressure is now teetering on the edge of becoming concerning but thankfully I haven’t had to go to the hospital regarding this yet. My blood pressure came in at 138/78 - it needs to be under 140/90 to avoid further checks. I am expecting it to slip over that threshold soon. At this point in my last pregnancy I was already on blood pressure tablets and had been admitted into hospital several times so I feel like I’m doing quite well so far. I got to listen to babies heartbeat which was lovely. The midwife did listen to it for a lot longer than usual so I was initially slightly concerned but all was perfectly fine. During this appointment they measured my fundal height. It came back as 29cm and was on the 50th percentile.

Coming up I have my 31 week midwife appointment next week as well as my first meeting with my health visitor. In my area, the health visitors also visit expectant mums during the third trimester something which didn’t happen in my first pregnancy. 

If you are pregnant I would love to hear how you are getting along. Leave me a comment below!

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