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Jack loves all things building and construction related.  He often spends time building and making cars, houses and sometimes even entire towns out of his toys. His favourite construction toy is his set of Clicformers. These durable building blocks have provided hours of fun in our house. We have been looking for an alternative to these for quite a while and came across Magformers quite recently. These magnetic building blocks looked fantastic so when we were asked to review a Magformers set we jumped at the chance.

What are Magformers?

Magformers are a collection of bright, educational shapes that have magnetic sides. Children can transfer the shapes from 2D net shapes to 3D geometric structures. The sets come in many guises - you can get anything from car sets to house sets, meaning you can get a set to cater to your child's individual interests.

Internationally Magformers have received more than 50 global educational and toy awards, including a Gold and Bronze medal in the UK Practical Pre-School Awards.

What we thought of Magformers

Jack absolutely adores cars so we were delighted when we were sent a Magformers WOW Set, This Magformers set is from the Vehicle Set Line and contains 16 pieces (8 triangles, 5 squares, 1 boy square element and 2 wheel sets.) 

Initially I did think that perhaps Jack would only be able to make a few structures with the 16 piece set. However, upon opening the packaging I realised that was just not the case. Alongside the magformers pieces were cards detailing how we could make the different structures. To start with we focused on assembling the 3D shapes. Jack used the basic Magformers geometric shapes to create 2D flat plans (known as nets.) He followed the instructions on the play cards and then pulled them up form 3D towers, cubes and other shapes. The Magformers were very easy to lay flat and the colourful pieces alongside the colourful instructions made this a very simple process. Jack was largely able to make these 3D shapes on his own. For younger children, this would provide a great opportunity to teach children shape recognition and colours.

Once we had built the many shapes structures on the play instructions, we moved on to making the mini cars. The 20 car structures all looked so different and used different combinations of magnetic pieces. Assembling these structures was slightly more complicated and provided a great opportunity for me and Wayne to play and build these structures alongside Jack. Jack was amazed by how the magnets pulled pieces together and loved followed the instructions to create different things. 

The Magformers pieces have already been used a lot and seem very durable. We have found this toy to be something of really good quality that will provide hours of play and fun. Jack has already asked for more sets of these and regularly looks in toy shops to see what other sets they do. I have also perused the Magformers website and couldn’t believe the amount of sets available. I think it’s pretty safe to say that I know what I will be buying Jack for his birthday. 

If your child is construction mad like mine, I would recommend giving the Magformers Sets a try.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own

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