Wednesday, 1 May 2019


I am 37 weeks pregnant and am now considered full term. This means baby could come any day now which is very exciting. I've had quite an eventful week this week as I have seen my consultant, VBAC specialist nurse and my midwife and had an unexpected trip to the hospital. I remember previously saying how uncomplicated this pregnancy had been. I think I spoke too soon!


I'm currently 37+1 weeks pregnant.


Baby now weighs over 2.9kg (6.3lb) and at just over 48.6cm (19.1in) is the size of a small watermelon. 

Baby is now considered full-term and could arrive at any time. Over the next few weeks she will continue to gain weight and in particular fat as she starts to fill out. Baby's organs are developed enough to sustain her outside of the womb now.


Fatigue wise - I'm feeling I've hit my limit in terms of tiredness. I feel permanently exhausted and with very little energy have to force myself to do everyday activities. I've not started feeling the urge to nest yet - so I'm having to make myself get on with that side of things. Sleep is becoming more sporadic as I am now waking throughout the night with leg cramps, general discomfort or a need for the toilet. My bump is very large now so I wake every time that I wish to change my sleep position.

This week I have felt far less breathless. That is because baby has now turned and is no longer breech. I can feel that baby has dropped down and this has provided great relief to my lungs - breathing just feels so much easier. Heartburn is still an ongoing issue but I have found what works for me in terms of managing it. Milk or milkshake sorts it out quickly.


I saw the consultant and the VBAC specialist at 36+3 weeks. I'd previously had a community midwife appointment where the baby had been deemed to have been in the breech position. My consultant looked through my notes and was happy with my blood pressure. She checked babies position and was unsure of whether she was still breech or had in fact moved into a head down position. She sent me for a presentation scan which confirmed that baby had turned. I had felt some huge movements over the previous few days but it still came as a surprise. My consultant then measured my fundal height which is now showing as just above the 90th percentile.

Next up I saw the VBAC nurse. I still would like a VBAC as long as everything goes to plan. She had previously spoken to my consultant about my birth plan. The two things that need to happen from their point of view is constant monitoring - standard after a c-section birth and active management of the third stage. This basically means that my placenta will need delivering with the aid of an injection and midwife support to reduce the risk of post-partum haemorrhaging. I had a haemorrhage after having Jack so this is something they want to actively manage. In terms of the constant monitoring I would like the ability to be active during the birth and the CTG machines restrict that. My hospital luckily have telemetry which is a wireless version of the machine that I intend to use during labour.

At 36+6 weeks I saw my community midwife for my 37 week check. My blood pressure was severely elevated at this appointment and at its peak measured 160/100 and then 150/110. My urine came back with no issues but I was sent to hospital to be checked. At the hospital my urine was taken  again and this time it contained traces of protein. With my blood pressure still elevated, I had a full set of bloods taken to see if I was suffering from pre-eclampsia. Over the following four hours my blood pressure returned to a normal level and my bloods came back negative. They allowed me home from the hospital as I await further test results. I'm currently awaiting a count on the level of protein in my urine. The hospital have said that if it is raised they will contact me and that I will then need to return to hospital. Otherwise I'm due back on Thursday for more blood pressure and urine checks.

As you can see, I have had quite an eventful week. I'm just trying to be sensible and rest more.

If you are pregnant I would love to hear how you are getting along. Leave me a comment below!


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