Friday, 10 May 2019


I'm writing this during the latter stages of trimester three and can honestly say that trimester two for me was the easiest and most comfortable trimester out of the three. It encompasses weeks 13-28. It's during this period that lots of women tell the world that they are pregnant. For me this was when the pregnancy started to feel more 'real.' You will have had your 12 week scan by this point and will hopefully feel less anxious following this. You will also have your 20 week anomaly scan to look forward to during this trimester.

I thought I would list some of the things that you can perhaps expect in the second trimester. We are all different so only some of these may apply to you.

A Baby Bump -  People may begin to notice you are pregnant now though during the earlier stages of trimester two people may be too polite to say, just in case they are wrong. Trust me as your bump grows you will receive more comments and hands to your bump than you would believe. My baby bump made my pregnancy feel so much more real. I'd seen baby on the scan but seeing your body change and grow really brings home the reality of your impending arrival.

Quickening and Movement - You will start to notice your babies movements during this trimester. As a first time mum you may feel movements from around 20 weeks. If this is your second child and you know what those early flutters feel like then you may feel them slightly earlier between 16-18 weeks. Those early flutters known as quickening may feel like gas or little bubbles in your stomach. What starts as small movements will inevitably get bigger as your pregnancy progresses. By the end of the second trimester kicks will feel bigger and more defined. You may even feel your little one hiccuping.

Shortness of Breath - You may experience a more noticeable shortness of breath in the second trimester. Apparently pregnancy hormones encourage your body to hold onto fluid, and your body makes extra blood. You are breathing at the same rate but taking deeper breaths so you can inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide more efficiently. That's why you may be breathless even before your bump starts to show. This is a symptom you will need to get used to. As you enter the third trimester the size of your growing baby can also make you breathless.
Heartburn - Heartburn may begin or worsen during the second trimester. Your growing uterus presses on your stomach which can force acid or food into your esophagus which causes that burning feeling in your throat. I've really struggled with heartburn during this pregnancy and have found drinking milk or milkshakes a help.

How are you feeling in your second trimester? For those of you in the midst of it, I felt best during the second trimester with both this baby and Jack so lets hope that's the case for you too.


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