About Me

You made it over to my little corner of the internet. Being a first time mum, I wanted somewhere where I could write and keep note of all the memories our family made. Not just the good but the slightly difficult as well. That's how Clairebellaloves started.
    My name is Claire, I'm 28 years old and mom to a 3 year old bundle of energy called Jack. We live with my Fiancee Wayne in the West Midlands. I'm a Stay At Home Mum throughout the week but also work nights part-time. That may explain my constant tweeting about tiredness.
    I absolutely love to write and it is something I feel passionately about. I am PR friendly and would love to hear from companies who would like to work with me. I also love to hear from readers too.
      I think that's all for now, any questions please contact me!